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Personal Trainer Sal

Making Physical Fitness A Part of your life!


A Bit About Me

Hi my name is Sal, I am a Certified Personal trainer. In my years of working with people I have helped clients achieve and reach their health and fitness goals. Train with me and I can help you do the same!

I am certified through one of the top certification companies in the U.S. the American Council on Exercise and have experience and worked with clients of all ages and fitness levels. I trained with major gym facilities as well as currently through clients homes, condo and hotel gyms. I offer a different and unique custom exercise program tailored to my clients needs. I take the guess work out of creating and safely implement an effective exercise program

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What I Do

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Core Training

A strong core is important, most of the movements of the body originate from the core. If it's weak it can cause problems such as back pain, posture problems andcan make just getting off a chair quite a chore, find out how adding core training to your exercise routine can have many great benefits!

Kettle Ball Squats

Circuit Training

The most popular form of training in where you train and group a variety of muscles to shape up, get stronger and lose weight, with part of a specialized training program the benefits of this program can unlock a full body transformation to a better you!


Weight Training

Learn the basics and master moves such as Squats, Bench Presses and Military presses. Unlock the power of working with your own body weight as also working with weights to build muscle and progressively overload you'r muscles into growth. Weight training is for everyone and not only makes you look stronger but helps you with everyday moves in real life, never rely on someone to lift or move boxes or furniture again!

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Overall Health and Wellness Training

Get in shape and maintain a personalized health and fitness program, I'm here to keep you on track and make you accountable for your progress, as well as mixing up your workouts and trying the latest new fitness trends and exercises


Client Testimonials

Hear What Others Have to Say


“Sal is AMAZING! i have been working with him for a few months and i have already seen great results Ive lost weight,gained strenght and have lost inches off the areas we have been focusing on. I love working with him because he really motivates you and really helps you on accomplishing your goals. Every session he has something new and fun to try out. I recommend sal to anyone who really wants to see great results!”
Pamela Lopez - Medical Assistant

Pamela Lopez

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